Wall Paint Design Trends In 2022 To Keep Your Abode Trendy

A dream house is an aim that every human would cherish during their lifetime. To live the dream we take immense care in choosing even the most basic content. Building a house is a one-time event where you are investing for a lifetime. But when it comes to painting the walls, we have choices and we can go ahead with the trends in wall paint design, and in the process revive and rejuvenate the feeling of living in the safest abode you build for yourself. While you are at it we bring to you the top trends in wall paint color combination that you can keep in mind while checking your wall paint colors catalog. These are the trends that are suggested and accepted by top designers and they vouch for the coming year.

Why so much thought into a wall paint design?

Your home is the space that gives you the most positive vibe and it is in your hands as to whether to lock it in or let it wither. To lock in the vibes of your home, you can try several home decor techniques and ideas. But always the primary step into the arena of home decor is the wall paint design. Why? Because the color and texture of the wall are something that creates the most impact consciously and subconsciously in your mood. This is why Vastu experts designate particular colors for different parts of your house. Hence finding the apt wall paint color combination for your home is the most important not only for the aesthetic appeal but also for enhancing the mood. The benefits of using the right wall paint design are unbelievable, providing you the possibilities of growing emotionally, spiritually, creatively, and productively.

Let’s see the key reasons why wall paint design is important.

  • Enhance your mood
  • As mentioned earlier, the Vastu experts suggest the wall paint design as per the purpose of the room and the kind of mood lift that the room should provide you. Different shades of red and pink wall paint design is usually suggested for the bedrooms because they are the colors that represent passion and youthful spirit. Likewise, you can choose the right wall paint color combination for your house as per your requirement and make your house the best place to live in.

  • Enhance the curb appeal
  • A good color or texture on the wall can enhance the beauty of the rooms and also enhance the curb appeal of the house and the room as a whole. This is because walls are the part of your house that can be viewed from anywhere before we see any other part of the room.

  • Reduce wear and tear
  • Have you ever viewed the paint on the wall as a protective layer? In the houses where regularly the wall paints are rejuvenated, the wear and tear would be comparatively less as each time you paint your wall, you are in a way trying to revive the walls, clean them and seal it in.

  • Property value
  • If you are painting your house and the professional in charge helps you choose the right paint that enhances the appeal of the place, the property value will in turn be hiked.

  • Health benefits
  • While choosing your wall paint, always make sure to choose the good quality ones with minimal toxins. This in turn can prevent the onset of allergic reactions. Approach the right professional who can guide you to choose the best quality paints. Don’t compromise on the quality because what you smear on the walls will eventually be inhaled by your whole family.

    Wall paint design color trends 2022

    The following are a few wall paint color combinations that would be ruling the households in 2022. Be all set to arrange your house to go with the theme to make it look whole and segregated with your creative wall painting ideas. Buckle up to share your expert opinion about the trends that you put to use.

  • The soothing green
  • The color green has been associated with wellness and prosperity. While we are hit with the pandemic the feeling of the importance of one’s wellness has been unprecedentedly high. While green is the color of prosperity. Adorn your living room and breakfast room in the shades of green to make your house cheerful and these are the two areas of the house that emanates the vibe. The pale shade of green Breezeway is believed to be the trendsetter that rules the wall paint colors catalog in 2022.

  • The calming blue
  • Paint your ceiling with a wall paint design in sky blue color to give an infinity feeling. When the sky touches the horizon bring it back to your abode with the sky blue ceilings. Veri peri blue is the Pantone color of the year 2022. “The dynamic periwinkle blue with violet-red undertone” is what Pantone explains about the color.

  • Earthy brown
  • The earthy brown color represents the connection with nature and is the color that denotes optimism. Adorn your house with wall paint design in different shades of brown to bring you close to nature. Combine it with the blue and green hues to the complete feel of being amidst nature. Can you find a more calming ambiance to your haven?

  • Snow white
  • Can anything be a substitute for the peaceful, calm, and serene hues of classy white color? White is a color that never loses its charm when it comes to wall paint design. The color is soothing and emanates a peaceful vibe. White is the only color in wall paint design that could never go wrong irrespective of the room, purpose, and location. And hence it gains its place as the trending wall paint design in 2022 and your wall paint colors catalog.

  • Red
  • Red is the color of passion and love. The color has a special appeal for lifting the mood. Adorn your bedroom with red and see how to set your room ablaze with the fire of love. This color is also suitable for wall painting designs for hall.

    Wall paint color combination ideas

    Have you ever thought of trying a wall paint design for your sour mood? If not, this is your chance? Before deciding on the best wall paint color combination for your rooms, it is imperative to know more about room color psychology. Certain color combinations can bring out similar reactions from people across the globe. While there are innumerable permutations and combinations that you can try, we are stating a few wall paint color combination ideas which are practical, easy and the most effective in terms of improving the overall ambiance of the house.

  • Red and white
  • Red and white are the classic shades in the wall paint colors catalog that you can use to uplift your mood. The color represents the increased energy levels thereby boosting the warmth. While it is best to keep you active, try to keep the combination reserved for your living and dining room.

  • Yellow and orange
  • While this wall paint color combination might sound like a stark contrast or unbearably bright option, the color combo in your exercise room and playroom is sure to bring the sunshine down to your home while keeping you active and cheerful. Isn’t that why we call our loved ones our sunshine?

  • Pink and grey
  • Pink is the color of creativity, love and kindness. It is the best wall paint color combination with soothing grey and pink wall paint design that balance each other. The color has been proven to be effective in improving your concentration and hence the best for offices and work studios.

  • Green and brown
  • The pastel green with the earthy brown combination is the best-suited wall paint color combination for your bedroom, living room, and kitchen. The green color relieves stress and improves fertility while brown gives the warmth, elegance, and sophistication to balance it.

    Wall paint design texture trends in 2021

    While designing your home, colors have an inevitable place but wall paint design does not end with merely selecting the trendy color. Of late different varieties of wall paint designstyles have been introduced to and by interior designing professionals. To add intensity and beauty to your walls try these textures while painting your walls.

  • Ink dots design
  • The ink dot design that resembles the nail heads are all set to dominate your rooms with several possibilities of creative wall painting ideas. Paint one side of the wall with ink dots design and the other sides in Green to form an intense wall paint color combination.

  • Wood panel design
  • The white-washed wood panel texture design is apt for houses with a vintage design style. The whitewashed wood effect gives a trendy look to your rooms and it is one of the most creative wall painting ideas. If you wish to specifically design a room that stands out from the rest also, this design is the best.

  • Flat plaster paddle look
  • The three-dimensional look given by the flat plaster paddle look is perhaps one of the first texture styles that are introduced in the wall paint colors catalog. This is the best looking if done in grey or pale green shades. This texture is attained by using paddles instead of rollers.

  • Lacquered paint
  • The glossy and clean effect of this texture makes the room look larger and gives an illusion of having more space to occupy. This effect is all the more effective if the ceiling also gives the effect. This is a type of simple geometrical wall paint.

  • Matte design in grey
  • This matte grey and white wall paint color combination is a soothing yet trendy design to give an edgy look to your room. It is appropriate for reading rooms and also for creative spaces.

    These are the wall paint designideas that are expected to rule the homes in 2022. Keep them in mind while sifting through the wall paint colors catalog to select the best wall paint color combination that could keep your home trendy, positive and keep your wellness in tact.

    Frequently asked questions about wall paint design

  • What kind of paint to use on a textured wall?
  • Use a latex or oil-based paint for a textured wall. They help in reflecting the details of the wall paint design texture better.

  • Why doesn’t my paint cover the whole surface in one coat?
  • This could be due to multiple reasons. One of the main reasons would be the failure in finding the right wall paint color combination. The drastic change in color from bright to light or vice versa could be one of the reasons for this. This could also happen due to over thinning of the paint or the use of the wrong roller on the surface.

  • How to differentiate between latex and oil based paint?
  • Use a denatured alcohol or nail polish remover on a cloth and rub it on a corner. If it comes off easily, it is latex paint, else it is an oil-based paint.

  • How long does it take for the latex wall paint to cure?
  • Depending on the wall paint color combination, climate, and other variables the curing time might vary. The room is suitable to start living in after a day or two but further, any treatment or washing should ideally be done after 60 days.

  • Can I paint over textured walls?
  • Yes, you can. Some shades of paint if coated over textured walls can give a sophisticated finish but always make sure to take immense care in doing so. It is always preferable to take expert help and use the right tools.

    Your home is where you knit your dreams and invest the savings of your lifetime. But your responsibility doesn’t end there. To keep it intact for years, proper care needs to be given for the maintenance. Reviving your wall paint is the most cost-effective method of doing so. Now that you know everything about the wall paint design trends, why wait? Go for the best wall paint color combination and adorn your home and rejuvenate your life.