Interior Designer v/s Interior Decorator

People are usually confused between these two professions. People think that these two terms are the same, but they are not. There are a few minor as well as few major differences between these two professions. They can be differentiated on the basis of schooling, credentials, work assigned, and working partners. By the end of this blog, you all will be able to distinguish between an interior designer and an interior decorator.

  • Education and degree:
  • Interior designer: If we talk about the education and schooling of an interior designer, he/she is required to do specific schooling and training. Their formal training and education involve the study of color and fabric, CAD (Computer-aided design) training, drawing, planning the space, designing furniture, architecture, and many more. After graduating, the designers work under professional designers before establishing their own companies.

    Interior decorator: Now coming to an interior decorator, he/she requires no special training or schooling because interior decorators are mainly involved with aesthetics and are not a part of home renovations and structural planning. The work of an interior decorator starts after the completion of structural planning and execution to look after the appearance of the space. An interior decorator may or may not have a college degree in this specific field.

  • Credentials:
  • Interior designer: In some states, it is important for an interior designer to pass a certain exam and then get himself/herself registered with the government authorities in that region. Though, this may not be compulsory in every state or province.

    Interior decorator: Interior decorators can opt for various courses and certifications. The courses are related to color and fabric, room layout, space and furniture planning, etc. Certificates from organizations like C.I.D. help to provide authentication to the interior decorators.

  • Their work and role:
  • Interior designer: Interior designers are responsible for designing and renovating home interiors. They are also responsible for space planning. Along with improving the overall look of the room, interior decorators enhance the function of the room too.

    Interior decorator: Their work starts after the completion of the structural planning and execution by the interior designers. They mainly focus on aesthetics and usually work with homeowners and business managers.

  • Working partners and team:
  • Interior designer: Interior designs generally work and coordinate with architects and contractors, who work together to make their clients’ dreams come true. Interior designers design all kinds of spaces like homes, offices, hotels, and many more.

    Interior decorator: Interior decorators basically work with furniture makers and other industry professionals. They also work with homeowners and business managers.